Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I spent 8 percent of my day saying the same thing.

I have been awake for approximately 15 hours. I have spent approximately 1.25 of these hours speaking to one person about taking off, or putting on, clothing.
Take off the PJs - you've been lounging around in front of that bagel for 45 minutes. We're moving on. Put on this thermal. You can't wear straight-up mesh when it's -8 degree (feels like -34) outside. Wear the jersey on top. No? Then remove the jersey.  Take off the shorts. [stare down. not worth it. we need to get to work.] Then layer on these pants. 

Notice I'm still wearing my hat.

Fast forward 12 hours:
Please put on your pajamas. I would like for you not to be naked while you're eating that pudding. (Where the hell did you get it?)
Underpants. Now. Aren't you cold? 

 It's -8 degrees.

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