Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today, I learned that it takes but a minute to post. Yesterday, I learned that my kid wants to be a dad.

Yesterday, I learned that my three-year-old would like to father many children. Here's how it all went down as I was driving him and his little bro to daycare.

Me (gesturing out the window): "That's a cool bike, isn't it?"
J: "Yes, I want to buy a bike like that. When I'm a daddy."
Me: "Cool. Do you want to have kids?"
J: "Yes. A lot of kids. This many." Then held up his right hand. He wants five kids.

When I shared this with his teacher, she told me that, the day before, his little friend had lifted her shirt and announced, "I'm pregnant. Two weeks." WTF?  Is it time for the sex talk already?

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