Friday, May 27, 2011

Today, I learned that I don't know WHAT the hell a barbecue is.

In my latest blog for EatingWell, I wrote about the "best" and "worst" food choices you can make at a BBQ if you're watching your weight. You know, with Memorial Day coming up and all. I know as well as the next seasoned blogger that if your entry lands on Yahoo's home page, as mine did, you're bound to have some haters who disagree with absolutely everything you have to say.

Is this what happens to your BBQ when everyone figures out it's not really a BBQ?

I expected the comments saying I was dumb and needed to go back to nutrition school because .... didn't I know that hotdogs will kill you? The ones that called me a big loser who ruins all the fun.  What I did not see coming were the loads of responses telling me that you do not serve hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salads and the like at a barbecue. You serve things like briskets and ribs.

Ohhh.... then, I guess I'm having a "cookout" this weekend?

What do you call a get-together that involves hanging outside and eating?

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