Thursday, June 2, 2011

...that Jon and I may need to work on our communication skills.

Yesterday, I sent Jon an email that said, "Dude. We need to put an AC in this office, stat." 

Backstory: Jon built me a kick-ass home office in our garage (sounds sketchy but it's the nicest room in our home). It has a skylight and nearly a full wall of big windows. From June through October, it gets hot. Really hot. Yesterday, the thermostat registered 92 degrees. It was only about 75 outside.

Last night, Jon had a softball game. He came home late, after the kids were in bed. He told me he'd gotten me an air conditioner for my office. "Thanks!" I murmured... I heard him but didn't really hear him. 

Tonight, after I came down from putting Julian to bed, I heard someone sawing in the garage. I figured Jon was, I dunno, cutting some wood to support some tomato plants. Or building some sort of trellis for string beans. I returned a phone call. I did some dishes. Jon went to the neighbor's house to watch some basketball. I went out to my office to find, um, this: 

It's a little like R2D2, no? (And, yes, I need to clean my office.)

Wow. He built a wooden "stand" so the vent would reach the window. He cut the extender thingy to fit the space (read: now we can't return the thing). He spent $400. He'd forgotten that we had a small AC that already fit into this little window. We just needed to put it in... 

He's fuming, poor guy. Good thing we have two suitable air conditioners (one rather large) to cool him off. 

Seriously: Any helpful words of wisdom out there? The poor guy is so mad at himself, and he was just being nice....


  1. That is the funniest thing I have heard all day! Thanks for the good laugh. These things happen when you are super busy and doing a million things. I don't know what to say to make him feel better. How many years have you been putting the one that fits in the window perfectly? Oh boy. hahahaha.I love this story. Thanks again.

  2. "Oh honey, that's perfect--the other one never really did get the whole room cool..."

  3. Nice writing, girl. Very proud to know you. I'm just jealous as I approach my 35th birthday SINGLE and no kids. Clock is ticking, yikes! Thanks for the giggle. Keep up great work as mom & wife!

  4. Umm, not seeing a problem here...

    (But, really, great post! Jon rocks, and your taking-it-with-good-humor approach does, too.)

  5. Yeah this isn't what I would consider a problem, this would be an opportunity to add that extra AC in another room. Tell him I have some cold Magic Hat if he needs to vent way down South here in So Burl

  6. The sap I am read this and thought, "Oh, how sweet." Andy might have bought an AC a day or two after I asked him about it, but surely wouldn't have installed it so quickly, especially if it required so much effort. And we don't have 2 kids and 3 pets.