Sunday, June 5, 2011

I REALLY need to buy new bras.

Today as Julian and I were playing "I'll go to sleep and you play the drums," (Huh? click the link...or don't... it's Bert and Ernie) he bumped my coffee. It spilled all over me. It wasn't hot, not even close. And I didn't really care about my shirt. Most everything I wear around the house (or on weekend days in general) is stained. My boys use me as a napkin and a tissue; plus I'm a slob myself. What irked me was that I was wearing the one clean bra that fits me.

This silly little monkey spit coffee all over me this morning.

First of all, we have a chronic problem with keeping up with the laundry 'round here.

Second, I've been knocked up or nursing for the last four years. Meaning: for nearly half a decade, my breasts have either been huge--or contained by nursing bras. The last time I wore a normal, normal-sized bra, it was 2007. Problem #1: I cannot find this stash of old bras. (Even if I could find them, they might not fit anymore, according to this article on WebMD.) Problem #2: The ones I wore while pregnant would fit several sets of my current-sized breasts. So my half-assed, lame and lazy solution is this: I continue to wear nursing bras, thinking that someday I'll find the time to go shopping for new ones. The bra I was wearing when doused with coffee was a nursing bra. That fit. And was clean.

Now I'm wearing a sports bra--and doing laundry. The good news: I've got a girls' weekend coming up and, coincidentally, we're all taking our "girls" to visit Linda The Bra Lady "a world-renowned bra-fitting expert." (Thank you, HT, for knowing I needed this more than I ever guessed I might!)

What's the thing you really need to find time to do?

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