Friday, September 20, 2013

Running to work rocks.

I got to run to work today! I live close now and didn't have any after-school kid-pick up duties. Coincidentally, it might be the most beautiful day of the year. Score.

I haven't been running enough. Perhaps my body senses that and is instructing my brain to make up running-related mantras. Things like this just keep popping into my head:
  • No run, no wine. (This is a set-up for failure.)
  • No run, no whine. (This is a good rule.)
  • Slogging isn't sprinting but it's better than sitting. (I aspire for my manifestos to ring more Holstee than Dr. Seuss but hey...)

Got any running mantras to share?


  1. I run to work once or twice a week. I love it. Welcome to the club.

  2. No, because tragically I hate running, but there's a thing out there about how sweat is just your fat crying. It makes me laugh and want to beat up my fat cells ever time.