Saturday, February 22, 2014

It gets better.

This week's riding lesson rocked. I went in anxious - it was icy - but there were no tears, just some unnecessary verbal diarrhea about how scared I was. (Thank you, L and G, for indulging that process. I'm gonna try to keep it silent next week.) And then I felt fine.

Above: (L) In the car on the ride down; (R)    On the lift before the 3rd run

This being the 5th class, I am more than halfway done, and though I probably would have said something different at 9:45 am this morning, I'm pretty bummed my Saturday days at Smuggs this season are numbered. Also, being on the "back 4" of this 8 week session, I feel now is a good time to capture some of the things I've learned thus far:

1. Third run's a charm. Run #1, I'm remembering which edge is my toe side (kidding, but only slightly) and stressing that I won't be able to stop. Run #2, I'm worrying that the people around me won't be able to stop and will crash into me. Run #3, things are clicking, my turns are connecting smoothly (mostly) and I'm actually enjoying myself.

2. You can, and should, breathe while riding. I just learned this today. Game changer.

3. Every pair of Burton gloves has a soft spot that superbly absorbs snot. Game saver.

Pretty sure I'm going to make a midweek night ride happen this week. Yeah!

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