Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I choose cheap thrills.

Sometimes trying really hard just doesn't cut it and trying harder just makes it worse.  Some days, you question every choice you've ever made. (Every. Choice. Down to what you ate for breakfast.)  But they're all good. No regrets. You're just in a pissy mood.

You should go for a run, take a yoga class, make a date with a fun friend. I've suggested all of these solutions at one point or another in a story for this women's magazine or that one. Unfortunately, you can't squeeze this sort of stuff in between meetings or in the middle of mediating a wresting match between two small people dressed in costumes.

And that's why, tonight, I painted my nails. Specifically, I painted them Essie's Chinchilly. Tomorrow, when I feel like a total trainwreck who has nothing at all under control, I can look at my fresh manicure and say, "damn, girl, you got your shit TOGETHER!" Instant boost.

And, now, allow me to introduce a list of seven more totally frivolous ways* to turn a shitty mood around, no physical activity required:

  1. Make a cup of coffee from the "fancy" "espresso" machine at work.
  2. Scroll through photos of people and things who/that amuse you (for me, it's often the two small people, perhaps in costumes, probably not wrestling). 
  3. Read a few of Sara Goldstein's HILARIOUS Oddly Well Adjusted blog posts. (Today's entry, an oddly well-adjusted yoga teacher's perspective on the naked yoga "trend"—if one might call it that—is not to be missed.)
  4. Sneak a peek at Instagram. Be sure to follow my Wonder Twin's new arty Instagram @MyDailyBunny.
  5. Watch this video.
  6. Play this song.
  7. Text your sister. If you have one. And she's as cool as mine.

*Disclaimer: I am not trivializing any of the talent referenced in #s 3-6. Or the comedic therapy regularly administered by my superbly sarcastic sister, #7.


  1. I love that color. Can I text your sister?

    1. Anna, you'd love my sister. She's sort of the perfect mash-up of Dorothy Parker and Mother Theresa. She'll be here in May - maybe you can exchange digits. :-)