Saturday, March 8, 2014

We had a many-milestone day.

It was a little slick, a little snowy, a little scary and a lot of awesome. It was our 7th snowboarding lesson, and Laurie* and I ticked off some semi-major milestones on our learn-to-ride list:

1. We did a bunch of new-to-us green runs.

2. We made our way down a slightly more difficult green/blue run. 

3. We rode with no hands (holding on to the bottom of our jackets) and did some fancy arm signals to work on our form. And, yes, we looked like tools. Which was fun. Silly offsets scary.

4. We hit a box. (Go ahead and giggle. I'm ahead of you.) Also, a more accurate account of this milestone goes like this: Gaby lifted us up off of the box and held our hands while we dropped off and glided into a heel-side stop.

5. We fell hard - really hard. We did not cry. We got up again. And kept riding.

*So grateful to have such an awesome partner (and a kick-ass teacher) on this 8-week ride. 

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