Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soon it WILL be spring.

Yesterday morning, I wrote this "Haiku to a Winter That Just Won't Die"
Today, sweet bird bands
Chirp cheerful songs in mild skies
Tomorrow, I weep.
Yesterday, at lunchtime, I took a great class with Rachel at Yoga Roots. It wasn't entirely pleasant—there were moments where she asked us to hold the asanas a good bit longer than was comfortable—but it was wonderful for me in all sorts of ways and I knew it.

I looked at these guys a lot today. 

Yesterday, during class, Rachel offered us this piece of wisdom:*
When you resist your reality, you create suffering.
Learn to live skillfully within your reality to eliminate unnecessary struggle. 
Today, I needed that advice.

Yesterday, it was 30 degrees and, for most of the day, beautiful and sunny.

Today, school was cancelled because it'd soon be dumping snow. My reality was that I'd be hanging at home with the boys but getting at least a little work done would be necessary. I knew there would be squabbles. And screen time. 
And there was. But it was fine. More than fine. 

I'm not sure my approach to the snow day was particularly skillful but I shared some sweet time with the kids, got some stuff done—and, overall, managed to keep the suffering to a minimum.

Plus, this week's snowstorm should make for some good riding on Saturday and, truth is, this winter will die soon. It will be spring again.

*I might be somewhat paraphrasing.

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